woensdag , 30 november 2022

ASRock BIOS update – No image file detected error message

ASRock BIOS Update error

I bought an ASRock motherboard and tried to update the BIOS to the most recent version. After many failed attempts, using Google, watching YouTube videos, trying other USB-ports, trying to format the USB-stick with FAT32 and also as NTFS I finally found the solution…

I have 2 different USB 3.0 sticks, different brands, different sizes and both failed with the error message: No image file detected. I already tried both the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports on the back of the PC and tried different USB-sticks, but the BIOS still couldn’t find the new BIOS image file. Even the Internet option didn’t find the new BIOS. What was I doing wrong? Or was there simply no update at all and was I using the wrong image for maybe another motherboard?

Then I tried an old USB 2.0 stick, not an USB 3.0 and the BIOS did find the image! So when you also have this problem: Try an old USB 1.0 or 2.0 stick, put the image on it, make sure it is formatted as FAT32, put only the extracted image file from the .ZIP on it, nothing else, and it should work.

Hopefully you’ll never see the “No image file detected” error message from an ASRock BIOS again.

Good luck :)

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